Poland Fairs – Krakow and Warsaw!

Michal Pagowski, Managing Director AIFS Poland invites you to "Come to Poland!"

Back in 1992, Mike was one of our first Polish participants and he returned to camp for four summers. A man of many interests he is learned in medicine, marketing, linguistics and sociology and somehow finds time to head up AIFS Poland.

His own background gives testimony to the unique values and work ethic of the Polish, their particular openness to American people and culture, and their desire for success and a bright future. He has seen over 13,000 participants off to camp and looks forward to the day when his own children experience this special form of cultural exchange.

Please accept my heartfelt invitation to Poland!

Poland is a country with natural enthusiasm for America and the American people. Reaching back in history General Casimir Pulaski and Colonel Thaddeus Kosciuszko were principal leaders in the American Revolution.

Ties to America, however, are far more personal and emotional in nature for over 10 million reasons – matching the number of Americans of Polish heritage. For many of us America is not so much a “promised land”, as a “sacred land” – a place which you make a kind of pilgrimage to, and once there, you want to offer your very best out of your sense of love, respect and duty. Does that sound “over the top” to you? Well, we hold firmly to certain values and we see them sitting right there in your country, very often right in your camp, at the waterfront, sports field, dining room or kitchen wherever there is a task to complete or a job to do. Come to the Fair, you will feel it face to face when you meet us!

Poland is still a developing economy. We’re eager to learn and improve our skills, experience new things, create and improvise, work hard, forge new relationships and get ahead. To many young people US summer camp is the place where all of this is possible. Our applicants expect to work hard to contribute, and expect to gain much from the experience.


Magical City!Monday, January 27

I therefore invite you to Krakow, named Poland’s “Magical City”, its former capital and the place Poles feel very warmly about. This is also where Spielberg’s filmed “Schindler’s List” and where you can walk the streets of the legendary and lively Jewish quarter of “Kazimierz”. You will find here not only unique tourist attractions, but also the essence of intellectual and spiritual “Polishness”. Of course you will meet hundreds of Polish applicants at the famous Krakow Camp America Fair, who will serve as living proof of all I have just said. Come and experience Poland first hand – and I can guarantee you will return with some of the spirit of my country and always want to come back for more.


Capital City! Monday, February 24

Join me in my home city on the Vistula River with its Old Town and the unique architecture of its cathedrals, castle, and palaces. This is the heart of the Camp America program in Poland and you can expect the very best skills, work ethic, and English language in our support staff and counselors alike. This is prime recruitment territory and is home to four major universities. Its student population of 500,000 makes up 29% of the population of the entire city. Enjoy a great applicant turnout and a special blend of ancient Polish culture in a modern Eastern European metropolis.


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