Frequently Asked Questions

If your question isn’t answered here, just let us know! We would also be happy to arrange a chat with a camp professional who has attended the Fairs in the past to lend even further perspective.

To travel is to discover that everyone is wrong about other countries.
- Aldous Huxley

Aside from the opportunity to access superb staff and get in some fun and travel, the Fairs have a very special vibe that you need to fully experience for yourself.
Yes, don’t worry, it isn’t too good to be true! Send a representative to most Fairs for $99 from New York if enrolled by October 2nd, 2019, and just $199 thereafter.
Our only requirements are that our financial model fits your calendar and budget, your camp falls within regulatory parameters, and that you attend with the intention of hiring staff. We want to establish and maintain an ongoing relationship with you!
When we say that we have the best staff, the best turnout, and the best Fairs, we mean it! We have a strong name and exceptional track record in successful event management. Our marketing is second to none, and as a result we attract the greatest volume and the most highly skilled applicants you can find. You will not be disappointed.
Subject to availability, we welcome eligible camps along to Manchester, Edinburgh, Krakow, Warsaw, or London January or February. Camps with the intention to hire incrementally more staff may attend various combinations of these. For camps with the capacity to hire 15 or more Camp America staff may consider these options: Melbourne, Sydney and Auckland may be an option.
Our basic European package includes attendance at a Fair, a welcome reception, three nights’ shared accommodation, breakfasts, travel insurance, round-trip air from the New York area plus a whole lot of fun, adventure and hiring opportunity!
Basic package hotel rooms are double occupancy, and we randomly assign roommates according to tour options and gender. Of course you may request a roommate who is on the same tour option, and upgrades to a single room are available at the published rate.
The best course of action is to go through the Camp America staff if you need a room change or there is a problem with your accommodation. We have developed a rapport with the hotel administration and are positioned to quickly resolve matters to your satisfaction.
We provide hotel transfers for group flights originating in New York area airports. Please understand that an enterprise of this scope carries some practical constraints, and we do ask those flying from alternate gateways to use mass transportation to and from the hotel. Anyone whose flight time coincides with a group transfer bus is welcome to a seat on a space available basis, and we encourage anyone with physical considerations to advise us accordingly.
The opportunity to attend the Fairs is a component of our relationship in cultural exchange and we would never force a match. We expect that camps participate with the intention to hire a reasonable number of staff.
We routinely consider special itineraries or alternative travel options and are more than happy to help. You may also participate if you prefer to arrange your own hotel or air travel.
As long as your proxy is 100% entitled to make firm hiring decisions, we offer “booth-only” on a space available basis at all our Fairs. Just ask for details.
We are with you every step of the way; from enrollment to itinerary, hotel check-in, reception, logistics, orientation, social time and of course at the Fairs. We are completely at your disposal 24/7. You receive an information package on arrival, and we prominently post bus departure times, Fair schedules, flight details, and other helpful information for easy reference. We provide a personal host at each Fair who is specifically assigned to you and to provide assistance as necessary.
As you might expect, there is much work behind the scenes in promoting and organizing the events with aggressive campaigns across multiple media. We provide an orientation for camp representatives who may be new to the events or who need a refresher. At the Fairs you have a booth just like at a trade show or job fair in the U.S. Pre-screened and interviewed applicants are allowed into the hall upon arrival, while newer applicants attend an orientation session and prepare appropriate documentation to present at interview. Many will have supporting documents and will have researched your camp online in advance, some will have very little paperwork and are exploring the program, and you will encounter applicants at every stage in between. We provide all with camp profiles and an overview of staffing needs. When you have met candidates whom you wish to hire, we have a formal procedure set up to secure them for your camp. Just fill out the paperwork for the placement and send them to “Check Out”. There is plenty of staff on hand to guide them along the way, and you receive confirmation of processing for your placements.
All of the credit for the marketing, applicant turnout, processing, applicant education, and venue infrastructure goes to our AIFS offices in London, Warsaw and Sydney and with our partner in New Zealand. We strongly encourage you to meet our overseas staff and develop a relationship with the greater Camp America community.
We take great pains to manage applicant flow and ensure that there is an even distribution of candidates to interview. If your booth is obstructed by the activities of your neighbors, your assigned host can resolve the issue. In exceptional cases we can discuss the possibility of moving to another location.
We will provide you with a sign to post staffing needs, a list of attending camps, tape, markers and name badge. The rest is up to your creativity and style. Typically camps dress their booths with photos or digital images, a map of the camp’s location, copies of brochures and perhaps some simple giveaways. The most important thing to bring to your booth is a positive attitude, a bright disposition, and a sense of partnership in cultural exchange. Get to know the camps at the Fair, and steer applicants to different booths if they aren’t a particular fit for you. Make eye contact and greet potential staff. When you are busy interviewing, pause now and then to make sure that those waiting to talk to you have the skills, ages, availability and backgrounds you need. Remind those you decide not to hire that there are thousands of opportunities out there and to be persistent.
Assistance from former staff can be very helpful, especially if you’re attending alone, but we must require you restrict it to two former staff members only. In London especially, there are severe space considerations and fire codes, so the more people working the booths the less candidates are allowed into the building. None of us want that, so please limit your returning staff to two. At all Fairs there is the matter of respecting the interview space for your colleagues in adjoining booths. If we ask you to limit your booth representation, please know that it is in the interest of a successful event for everyone.
Most applicants fall into our basic fee categories. There are separate categories for Special Needs, Campower, and Advanced Skills (VIP). Your booth materials will include all of our fee and pocket money information presented in a very clear manner. The placement form also makes it easy to confirm pocket money for applicants. There is material at your booth explaining the structure, and staff is always on hand to clarify questions that may arise.
Usually confirmations catch up with you during the course of the tour. If for some reason you don’t receive one, we can always research the status of that applicant online.
We typically have Camp Directors’ Fair placements appear in your online account within a couple of weeks. Your account representative can help you research an applicant’s status on request.
The intent of participation should be to extend firm offers for your camp positions. It is unacceptable practice to attend with the sole purpose of meeting applicants and asking them to contact you at a later date about job possibilities.
Applicants go to great lengths to apply to our program and attend our Fairs. In all fairness and in the spirit of cultural exchange we have a mutual obligation to honor the job offer at all costs. Rescinding offers due to factors unrelated to reasonable concern as to applicant suitability is unacceptable practice.
If you have a significant number of additional positions to fill with international staff, most certainly we will entertain the possibility of having you back again the following month!