Quality Applicants

We have an unsurpassed worldwide reputation after over fifty years of offering exceptional cultural exchange experiences, industry leadership and reliable program support.

Applicants come to our program for the many of the same reasons camp professionals do.

  1. We guide them through the process with a sophisticated online application that brings out their suitability for various camp types.
  2. Our interviewers are well trained and professional giving them a firm grounding as to what to expect.
  3. Our orientation process reinforces the key elements of the experience and sets them up for success. Even with our strict screening procedures there is no comparison to our selection of highly-skilled staff.

Service and Support


You can expect the very best from our team of summer camp and cultural exchange professionals. You can be confident in their expertise as they:

  1. Assess staffing needs
  2. Propose matches that fit your needs
  3. Navigate flights, logistics and finances
  4. Respond to problems and emergencies
  5. Develop a positive working relationship with your staff
  6. Display a passion for cultural exchange
    and the camp experience


The health, safety and welfare of our participants are paramount. Our team works tirelessly to bring even the most complex issue to the best solution possible. We bring our strengths to bear when you need us most including:

  1. Participant counseling and mediation
  2. Complaint management and intervention
  3. Government resources and relationships
  4. Crisis team and insurance backing
  5. Global assistance and repatriation
  6. Legal advice

Why Camp America?

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— Adam K. Baker, Director of Camps Equinunk & Blue Ridge