Frequently Asked Questions

If your question isn’t answered here, just let us know and we will be happy to help!

Q: What’s included in the qualifier and guest rate? What’s included in the roommate price?

A: The 2024 qualifier and guest rate include the following:

  • For fairs in the UK, Poland and Mexico:
      • Qualifier and Guest Rate:
        • Single occupancy rooms for the duration of the fair tour. Please refer to the tour dates for the city/tour you are attending.
        • City to city land and/or air transfers between cities for multi-city tours.
        • Daily breakfast at the hotel
        • Travel insurance
        • One booth at the event
      • Roommate Rate:
        • Shared room with qualifier
        • Breakfast
        • City to city land and/or air transfers between cities for multi-city tours are available for an additional fee for someone registered as a roommate
  • The fairs in Australia and New Zealand are booth only events. Attendees are responsible for their own accommodation and travel.

Q: How does my camp qualify to attend the 2024 Camp Directors’ Fairs?

A: Camps will qualify to attend based on their final 2023 Camp America placement numbers.

  • Purple Camps – 100+ Camp America placements
  • Gold Camps – 50-99 Camp America placements
  • Blue Camps – 31-49 Camp America placements
  • Green Camps – 12-30 Camp America placements
  • Red Camps – 7-11 Camp America placements

Q: How can I sign up for the fairs?

A: Based on your qualifying color, you’ll be eligible to register when the registration window opens for your Camp’s qualifying color. The primary contact for your Camp America account will receive an email with the unique signup link when your registration window opens. For your reference, here’s the sign-up schedule:

  • Purple – Wednesday, August 2nd at 11am EST
  • Gold – Wednesday, August 2nd at 11am EST
  • Blue – Wednesday, August 9th at 11am EST
  • Green – Wednesday, August 16th at 11am EST
  • Red – Wednesday, August 23th at 11am EST

Q: I’m on the waitlist for a booth but my friend from another camp is already registered, can I share a booth with a friend and hire for my own camp?

A: Yes, if both parties are comfortable sharing a booth, we can accommodate that. Please contact your Account Representative for pricing and details.

Q: What are your safety precautions regarding Covid-19?

A: The health and safety of all our attendees is our top priority. We will be following all U.S. CDC and Department of State Covid travel guidelines as well as local in-country guidelines for gathering in groups and large events.

Q: May I extend my trip?

A: Yes, you can extend your hotel stay with us. In London, Edinburgh, Manchester, Mexico City, Birmingham and Glasgow: it will be $250 extra per night for a qualifier, $35 extra per night for a roommate and $250 extra for a guest. In the next sentence, please change Krakow to Warsaw.

Q: If I can’t attend, may I have a local representative hire in my place?

A: As long as your proxy is 100% entitled to make firm hiring decisions on the day of the fair, we will allow them to attend the event in your place.

Q: Am I required to hire a certain number of staff at the recruitment event?

A: The opportunity to attend the Fairs is a component of our relationship in cultural exchange and we would never force a match. We expect that camps participate with the intention to hire a reasonable number of staff.

Q: Do I need to make firm commitments?

A: The intent of participation should be to extend firm offers for your camp positions. It is unacceptable practice to attend with the sole purpose of meeting applicants and asking them to contact you at a later date about job possibilities.

Q: Am I allowed to have experienced international staff assist me at the booth?

A: Due to capacity constraints, each booth is allowed a maximum of two helpers.

Q: How do I navigate compensation with the staff I hire?

A: Most applicants fall into our basic fee categories. There are separate categories for Special Needs, Campower, and Advanced Skills. Your booth materials will include all of our fee and pocket money information presented in a very clear manner. The placement form also makes it easy to confirm pocket money for applicants. There is material at your booth explaining the structure, and staff is always on hand to clarify questions that may arise.

Q: How long will it be before I can view the placements in my Camp America Online Account?

A: We typically have recruitment event placements appear in your online account within a couple of weeks. Your Account Representative can help you research an applicant’s status on request.

Q: What is the policy on withdrawing or rescinding job offers after the event?

A: Applicants go to great lengths to apply to our program and attend our recruitment events. In all fairness and in the spirit of cultural exchange we have a mutual obligation to honor the job offer at all costs. Rescinding offers due to factors unrelated to reasonable concern as to applicant suitability is unacceptable practice.

Q: How do I market my camp prior to the fair, and do you have any hints for my booth/how to effectively recruit?

A: Let’s start with your recruitment profile! Each camp will submit requested information for us to create a profile for your camp which gets put online for applicants! Prior to the fair, we’ll encourage participants to review these online profiles, and shortlist 5-10 camps that suit their date of availability, skills, and personality. Your recruitment profile should be an awesome snapshot of camp! Make sure to upload fun, happy photos of your campers and staff! If you have a great activity area, or aerial photos too, they are fantastic! On the day of the fair we will provide you with a sign to post staffing needs, a list of attending camps, tape, markers and name badge. It is important to update those needs as needed throughout the day. Typically camps dress their booths with a table runner/table cloth, photos or digital images, a map of the camp’s location, copies of brochures and perhaps some simple giveaways. Most camp representatives will wear camp polos or t-shirts at their booth. The most important thing to bring to your booth is a positive attitude, a bright disposition, and a sense of partnership in cultural exchange. Consider getting to know the camps at the Fair, and steer applicants to different booths if they aren’t a particular fit for you. When you are busy interviewing, pause now and then to make sure that those waiting to talk to you have the skills, ages, availability, and backgrounds you need. Remind those you decide not to hire that there are thousands of opportunities out there and to be persistent.

Q: What sort of support does Camp America provide and how do I know where to be and how to get there?

A: We are here to support you! We have our staff staying at the same hotel to be able to help you with any questions. We also have someone on-call 24/7 should you not be able to find someone in person right away. You receive an information package on arrival, which features important times, recruitment event schedule, and other helpful information for easy reference. We provide a personal host at the recruitment event who is specifically assigned to you and to provide assistance as necessary.